Winter Delights

Posted on: November 1st, 2019 by Stone Cross Garden Centre No Comments

Plants are often a missed opportunity when it comes to present buying. Plants not only make good Christmas gifts but they keep on giving and rewarding for months or even years to come.

  • Viburnum Tinus – For something a bit more unusual this Christmas try the shrub that flowers for at least six months of the year and even over winter! It has deep pink buds that form in the late summer and then open to large clusters of small white flowers from mid-September until early-April. It grows to around eight feet but this can be controlled with pruning. The leaves are evergreen retaining their deep-green colour throughout the year. It is little wonder the plant has an RHS Award of Garden Merit. It really is one of the most unsung garden heroes!
  • Helleborus – These are often now referred to as the “Christmas Rose.” They offer fabulous delicate flowers bringing winter gardens to life! They are great in dappled shade under trees and large shrubs.
  • Sarcococca – Often referred to as “Sweet Christmas Box.” A small leaf evergreen with deep green foliage looks somewhat of a Plain-Jane but from Christmas through into March it offers brilliantly aromatic vanilla scented flowers. Situated by a door or pathway this is an absolute joy!
  • Heathers – Hardy and evergreen these garden stalwarts are great ground cover plants but they also have upright spikes filled with delicate blooms. This makes them suitable for mixed planters, pots and for rockeries. They excel when grown around Azaleas and Rhododendrons as they all like acidic soil.
  • Skimmia Rubella – A compact evergreen low maintenance shrub. So far so good but the deep green leaves do not make it seem that exciting during the summer months. However, in autumn red buds form in a cone shape. They remain throughout the winter months opening to white strongly fragrant flowers in the spring.
  • Cyclamen – Fantastic indoor or outdoor plants with a long flowering period. They are relatively carefree and so long as they are not over-watered they will continue to produce flowers throughout the winter and well into early spring.
  • Bonsai – These come in all shapes and sizes which require different levels of care and expertise to keep them successfully. Ficus are a good choice for novices whilst Rhododendrons are fun varieties for those with greener fingers offering spring blooms. It can be fun to clip bonsai plants into all manner of shapes and sizes.
  • Christmas Cacti – These can keep going and going for years. What is more they are extremely low maintenance and do not need feeding.
  • Amaryllis – These often come as a bulb in a box. Once planted in about eight weeks it will begin to develop the exotic blooms.
  • Hyacinths – These are often in bowls and have not only lovely blooms but a fabulous fragrance too.
  • Poinsettia – These are synonymous with Christmas. They have great colourful foliage. This were traditionally red but now there are pink, white and speckled varieties too.