Our top ten plant highlights in the Garden Centre for July

Posted on: June 30th, 2019 by Stone Cross Garden Centre No Comments


This amazing perennial blooms from late June to September. It has long stemmed daisy like flower petals and a prominent conical centre. It is a magnet for bees and butterflies alike. It is perfect for adding bursts of colour in hot sunny borders and pots



Often referred to as Star Jasmine this is the ultimate climbing plant. Not only will it grow vigorously with evergreen dark green foliage but in winter these leaves will often turn a glorious shade of bronzy-red. More exciting than this is that the plant has highly fragrant white flowers from June to August.



The African Lily has large vibrant blooms that are absolute showstoppers! They are best grown in pots to restrict the roots.



The sensational perennial with exotic looking flowers in summer. The blooms are great in indoor flower arrangements too!


Kniphofia Popsicle

These are a dainty member of the red hot poker family. It is a real sun worshipper offering spikes of flowering colour all summer long.



These Shasta daisies flower abundantly from June to September. They have four inch wide blooms and look great in pots of cultivated en masse in borders.



These yarrow plants offer great quantities of flowers from June to September. The ferny like foliage offers a lovely texture to perennial borders too


Lupin Arboreus

Our new Tree Lupin is great at adding height to borders. It is fast growing and has upright racemes of yellow flowers up to ten inches in length. What is more unlike traditional Lupins the leaves are evergreen.



These evergreen low growing wonders can be seen as great colourful filling in plants for borders. However, plant several varieties with a multitude of different coloured leaves or even one plant variety en masse at the front of the border and it is the Heuchera that really shines! What is more they look great when planted in pots and hanging baskets too.


Evergreen Jasmine Shrub

If you like climbing Jasmine then you will absolutely love this evergreen shrub form. It can grow to 6ft or be pruned to keep it smaller. Its ultimate appeal is the large white flowers that are intensely fragrant. Preferring partial shade it may need some winter protection in exposed gardens.

Evergreen jasmine