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What is better at Christmas than a real Christmas Tree? But which type to choose?


Many of us will buy a real Christmas Tree in December. There are three main types tree you can buy:

  1. This type has green foliage and is the one which drops the least needles. However, be aware no tree is entirely drop-free! Also many prefer the Nordmann because it has soft foliage – particularly good if you have children or even big adult children who enjoy decorating the tree.
  2. Picea Norway Spruce. The trees are green and have spiked needle foliage. It also has the pine scented aroma that is always popular and fills a room with Festive Cheer.
  3. Blue Spruce. As with the Picea these have spiked needles. However, the tree has a blue tinge to the foliage. The Pungens variety is also scented.


Next there are the roots that the trees have to consider:

  1. These are trees that are pulled from the ground and have their roots trimmed to fit into a pot. It is then not guaranteed that after Christmas when planting this out in the garden that it will grow. This option usually has Nordmann and Picea normally available.
  2. Pot-Grown. These are trees that as the name suggests have been grown in the pot. These will have a fully developed root system. This is just like purchasing a shrub and provided you care for the tree well over Christmas it can then be planted in the garden to grow thereafter. When planting you should add Mycorrhizal Fungi to get the tree to root into the soil as quickly as possible. This option usually has the most variety choices with Nordmann, Picea and Blue Spruce normally available.
  3. These are the most popular type of Christmas trees that have had their stems cut above ground. This means they just have a just the trunk and that all of their roots are no longer intact. It is usually available in Nordmann and Picea Norway Spruce varieties.


The most asked question in the Garden Centre in December is how to stop Christmas Trees from dropping their needles? The answer to this is simply – Water.

  1. Potted and Pot-Grown. Before bringing your tree inside to site and decorate leave it in a bucket of water outside overnight. Then place a large saucer under the pot and water it daily.
  2. With a Cut Christmas Tree you will first need to cut the bottom inch off of the trunk. Why? This is because since it has been cut in the field it has grazed over. This will prevent the uptake of water. Then, leave it in a bucket of water outside for at least twenty-four hours. Once bringing it inside either use a specialist Christmas Tree Stand with a large water reservoir or a bucket filled with gravel. Larger Cut Christmas Trees can drink around a pint of water a day so be generous and it will reward you by maintaining its foliage on the tree rather than on the floor for you to hoover up.


Have a fabulous Christmas and Festive Period.