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Red Poinsettia

These are the houseplants that are as synonymous with Christmas as Christmas Trees and Holly.

These plants are especially heat sensitive requiring a consistent temperature of 13 to 20oC. This should be away from radiators and draughty doorways. If the plant begins wilting the likelihood is that it has been stored somewhere that is too cold for it. Sadly, once this happens the likelihood of recovery is limited. However, if you plunge the root ball into warm water for ten minutes it can sometimes revive the plant.

Poinsettia need bright but not direct sunlight. You should only water once the plants have begun to dry out on the surface of the compost. You should water by pouring water into the saucer or pot cover under the plant. The roots will then draw this water up. However, do not leave the plant permanently in water or it will suffer from root rot. Do not even get water on the plants leaves.

Whilst there are speciality Poinsettia feeds available a monthly feed with a high potassium, low nitrogen plant food such as Tomato Food works just as well.

At Stone Cross Garden Centre we produce the Poinsettia that we sell locally in our own Hankham Production Nurseries. We grow three main colours of Poinsettia.