Late Summer and Autumn Perennials

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Late Summer and Autumn Perennials

Perennials are fantastic plants for adding vibrant pops of colour. These add character and drama when mixed in with more structural shrubs. Other perennials can be planted alone in pots to create a real focal point. Here we list some of our favourite perennials for different garden locations.

Back of Border Perennials for adding height


The towering flower spikes, getting as big as four feet, adorned by a multitude of tubular flowers in May and June make this an excellent choice for the back of perennial borders. It prefers part shade but will tolerate full sun if kept moist.

Verbena Bonariensis

Whilst there are shorter varieties Bonariensis will grow to six feet in height. It has an abundance of clusters of lilac flowers. It flowers from June into October and is fairly carefree swaying in the breeze. It is perfect for the back of a sunny border.

Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff

What makes this Dahlia sensational are the semi-double bright red flowers above bronzy-red leaves. The flowers last from June through into September.


Botanically known as alcea these towering stems of up to seven feet in height are covered in large blooms in a wide range of colours. They are one of the best cottage garden plants available.


These are an autumn cottage garden classic! Some varieties will hit around four feet in height and produce masses of flowers from August through into October. They grow best in partially shaded locations.


The African lily produces strap-like green leaves similar to that of a cordyline palm. Some varieties will grow to over three feet in height. The main attraction is the spheres of blue trumpet shaped flowers vaguely reminiscent of an allium bulb. It is best grown in a pot to restrict the roots. If grown in open ground the flowers tend to be more limited.

Middle of Border Perennials for the Country Cottage Garden Look


The stunning yarrow plant grows to around two feet. It offers flattened clusters of flowers in a variety of colours. What is most impressive is that it is drought tolerant. The flowers grow on straight stems making it suitable for floristry too.


What an absolute stunner of a plant. It has an abundance of yellow daisy like petals with a black coned centre. It forms a dense clump that looks amazing in mixed borders offering bright bursts of colour.


A clump forming perennial that has large clusters of flowers. The flowers begin as a greenish-pink colour then progresses to a deeper pink colour. What is even better is that it is drought tolerant and loved by bees.


Growing to around two feet in height this perennial will produce mini rosette style flowers from May to August. It is easy to grow in sunny of partly shaded borders.


Flowering from June to September these daisy-like flowers with a coned centre come in many different colours. From white to pink, red to orange they are great for adding vibrant colour that bees and butterflies love just as much as we do!

Salvia Hot Lips

Whilst there are many Salvia varieties Hot Lips remains our most popular. The red and white bicolour flowers set it apart from its rivals. It flowers from June through into October and has blackcurrant scented foliage. A treat from the eyes and nose!

Perennials for the front of border


Perennials Heuchera

These fabulous evergreen plants have a reputation for having spectacular foliage. They make a great accent plant complimenting other flowering perennials. However, planting different varieties of Heuchera together allow them to shine together.

Hardy Geranium

Low growing hardy geraniums are at home in sunny and shady locations. Whilst not growing to much more thank twelve inches in height they produce an absolute abundance of flowers on matted foliage that helps to suppress weeds.


There are many different varieties of Hosta all producing a mass of leaves in mostly large sizes. They grow best in fully shaded locations and can be used to cast shadows over fish ponds. Most varieties will also offer spikes of much underrated lilac flowers during July and August.

Campanula Carpatica

These clump forming plants may only grow to around eight inches in height but they fill completely with upturned bellflowers in blue or white. They are great at filling in small gaps at the front of borders.

Erigeron Karvinskianus

The Mexican fleabane is very much back in fashion. It flowers from May to October and produces thousands of daisy flowers that have a yellow centre with the petal beginning white and then turning pink. This gives the plant a two-tone effect. It loves full sun and tolerates even coastal winds. It is little wonder it is popular once again!

We offer hundreds more perennials at different times of the year so why not pay us a visit and find the plant to bring your border to life!