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In general it is the relationship between plants that is more interesting than one specimen on its own. This is certainly true when looking at Heavenly Heucheras. What is more:


  • They are simple to grow
  • They are restrained compact plants happy to sit in the background allowing other plants to be highlighted
  • They bring mixed borders to life with their colourful evergreen leaves
  • They can be planted together in containers playing off the colour of each other
  • There are varieties for shady and sunny locations. Some will even like both
  • There are varieties that have flowers loved by bees
  • The flowers make good cut flowers too. The more you remove the flowers the more they will produce. In the 1930’s it was the flower that they were grown for



  • Sweet Tea is the best orange leaf variety. This burning bright foliage brings dark winter borders to life. It looks great when planted in front of the red winter stems of Cornus Siberica. It also looks fantastic in a hanging basket or as the centrepiece of a winter container
  • Ginger Ale has tall flower stems filled with ginger-yellow flowers that are adored by bees. These are set above ginger foliage that has a silvery crust on top. The leaves also change their colour throughout the year.
  • Obsidian is one of the Heucheras with the darkest colour foliage. It is almost black. This sets off the summer white flowers beautifully. It tolerates full sun and shade alike.
  • Cherry Cola is a neat compact variety that has stunning red foliage. It also has bright red flowers in summer too.
  • Caramel is new to us this year and is a real beauty. Its leaves are an unusual caramel colour as its name suggests but this hides a secret. The underside of the leaves is a rich pink. It remains vibrant throughout the year too. It has creamy white summer flowers too
  • Forever Purple is another newcomer to our range for 2019. It is an absolute showstopper! The glossy purple foliage has fluted edges and darker purple veins. The colour changes through the year. It is absolutely the best purple foliage variety available.



All Heucheras like good drainage. Indeed they are virtually drought tolerant once established. The only maintenance is to remove the older leaves in the spring and mulch with multi-purpose compost. They are hardy too surviving even the coldest of winters.

In general, Heucheras with darker leaves, black, purple and red perform best in sunny spots. Heuchera with lighter shades, green, silver, variegated do best in shade. If you have a space that has half a day sun, and half a day shade any colour, but particularly orange foliage, will thrive.


This is all why I am totally addicted to them!