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Grow veg in pots a small space

If you are short of space a good ideal is to grow compact fruit bushes. These can provide an abundance of tasty fruit when grown in a ten litre pot. Possible choices include:

Raspberry Ruby Beauty

This produces an impressive 1.5kg of great tasting fruit in summer. The plant grows up to 3ft in height and what makes picking easier is that the plant is thornless too! All you need to do in autumn is cut out the stems of the plant that fruited this year. The new stems that did not bear fruit this year will hold fruit next year. In addition in spring it is a good idea to remove the top inch of compost, feed with rose food and then put a fresh layer of new multi-purpose compost on top of the soil.

Blackberry Purple Opal

If you are concerned about the size of a traditional blackberry this is the answer. This is a fabulous bush form blackberry growing to just 3ft in height. It is grown in exactly the same way as the Raspberry Ruby Beauty.


Combined with cream these are as synonymous with Wimbledon as the Tennis. You can grow three plants in a 12inch hanging baskets or pot. Just feed with Tomato Food every fortnight. Plants remain productive for around three to four years. Catch the runners and root them in soil and you will have your replacement plants.

Blackcurrant Ben Connan

This is a larger bush growing to 4ft. It is capable of producing over 3.5kg of fruit over a ten year period. When planting set deep in the pot to encourage extra shoots to grow from below ground level. In late autumn prune out the older stems. Leave the younger shoots which will hold the fruit.


These are often described as a “super food” because their health benefits. These can be viewed They are easy to grow so long as you use ericaceous compost and keep them well watered. For best results and bigger crop yields plant three or more varieties so that they can cross pollinate.


These will produce a good crop even in part shade. They produce fruit in June and July with each bush producing up to 3kg of fruit per year. Prune the plants in winter removing dead or crossing stems to create an open upright bush. Remove the top layer of soil in spring and replace with manure to encourage fresh growth.

There are also many dwarf fruit trees you can grow too. So, having a small space really should not hold you back. You too can enjoy the taste of home grown produce.

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