Choosing your Rose

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These are beautifully formed pointed flower buds. Each stem is long and straight each holding a single rose bloom. These make fabulous cut flowers. Despite their reputation many of our varieties are extremely fragrant This rose variety produces multiple blooms in clusters or sprays per stem. Few garden plants can match the amount of flowering colour produced by Floribunda roses over such a long flowering period. Can also be grown in mixed flower borders These are full sized floribunda roses but on a miniature plant. They are larger and much more robust than traditional miniature roses. They are hardy and repeat flower very well indeed. This category also encompassing the bereavement and wedding anniversary roses. These roses are either Hybrid Tea, Floribunda or Patio Rose types. Our in-house Florist is able to gift wrap these roses for you to making them an excellent present
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These are ground cover roses that grow wider than they do tall. They have small flowers that bloom freely repeating very well through the rose flowering season. What is more they are very tough and have excellent disease resistance. These are a wide mixture of rose types which vary from large double fist sized roses in the case of Buff Beauty to small ten pence sized single roses in the case of Canary Bird. Most shrub roses will grow to at least four feet in height and repeat flower. These are great for covering structures, growing up pillars and archways. The rose forms can be in a Hybrid Tea or Floribunda. They have the ability to flower from the top to the bottom of the plant and repeat naturally. These can be grown like climbing roses or be allowed to find their own way horizontally. They usually flower most profusely at the top of the plant blooming just once a year. There stems can also form a structure for other climbing plants such as Clematis to clamber up .