Pot Mums

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POT MUMS – The Autumn Classic!

A fall potted chrysanthemum in a back yard garden.

A fall potted chrysanthemum in a back yard garden.


With summer bedding fading pots in the garden can look a bit drab at this time of year. Whilst Pansies and Violas offer an injection of colour perking up existing displays sometimes the display, particularly after going away on holiday, are too far gone for saving. This leaves gardeners searching for colour to add autumn interest. The answer to this is Pot Mums – Chrysanthemum.


Pot Mums are one of autumns shining stars offering a formidable show of autumn colour. They have a compact bushy habit with long-lasting and reliable blooms lasting through into December. All they require is regular dead-heading and feeding weekly with Tomorite. But this is a small price to pay for their fabulous display.

Whilst the large plants look stunning when they form a large 18 inch ball shape on their own smaller plants are also available. These can be used to make up a pleasant mixed pot. A basic design would use around four to five items.


1: It is good idea to add height and for this a conifer is a great choice. If you use the pictured Cupressus Wilma you will have a lime great foliage plant which has the added benefit of also being lemon scented.

Conifer in pot

2: The Pot Mum for adding flowing colour. This will spill over the edge of the pot filling a corner of the planter totally.


3: Try using a contrasting foliage plant. For this there are many options. If you wish to keep the planter colour bright them Euonymus Emerald n Gold is a good choice. However for contrast a small Cornus Dogwood with red stems  such as Siberica gives a more fiery display.



4: In front of the foliar plants it is a good idea to add more colour to the planter. For this Heathers and pansy can be used. However, you need to make sure that it is not overpowered by the shrubs at the back of the planter.



5: The pot will need a trailing plant to add further interest. The traditional choice is an ivy. However, there are now many more choices to choose from. Why not try adding

  • Thyme – This offers colour and scent
  • Ajuga – This offers spreading colour
  • Pansy – The Cool Wave series offers spreading and trailing colour


If well planted, fed and dead-headed your planter will last through into December. What is more at this point you need only change one or two of the plants and it will then carry on offering delight right through until the Spring.